Block Therapy Group Classes Wednesdays @ 5PM in Portage Just Be Wellness Studio

Wednesday, Jul 10, 2024 at 5:00PM Repeating event

Just Be Wellness Studio

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This live in-person class will also be offered live online, please indicate that you would like the link to join the class online. All students that participate in person & online will also receive the class recording for the week until the next class

There are trillions of cells in the body. We wind down and collapse into our core over time & fall out of balance, this also shows up as poor posture, which makes the cells go out of alignment & our body collapses. The Fascia in our body constantly adapts and grips to everything in its path to keep the body upright and these add up over time and get more dense creating adhesions and restrictions. These can be caused by injury, stress, surgery, poor posture and many other stressors throughout our daily lives.

Over time we have lost consciousness of our posture resulting in the collapse of the body. We end up collapsing at the upper body and slouch, the shoulders round forward, the head and neck fall forward and the arms rotate internally forward as well, this results in the organs and muscles being squished, causing pain and disease.

Block Therapy is a unique form of bodywork practice that allows us to release these adhesions and restrictions of fascia, that are ultimately blocking oxygen, nutrients and blood flow to our cells and creating a state of disharmony within the body. By allowing the release of the fascia that grips to our bones, muscles, organs and tissues at 2000 lbs per square inch; we create space, to allow the flow again, the functions to become efficient again and allow for efficient removal of toxins, wastes and even negative emotions all trapped in the cells. The combination of proper diaphragmatic breathing and block placement will allow us to melt through the fascia and welcome blood, oxygen and nutrients back into the area and allow for optimal function.

Level: All Levels

Student Blocks are provided, however you are welcome to bring your own.

What to Bring:
• Dress comfortably, in clothing that you can move freely in
• Wear/bring socks
• Bring an Exercise/Yoga mat
• Bring a water bottle
• Blanket (optional)
• Bolster or pillow (optional)

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba


Just Be Wellness Studio, 165 Saskatchewan Ave East, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

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Name Jennifer Kroeker
Phone (204) 955-0629
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